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Square One.

PatriotDan a posted May 11, 17

Hey Guys & Gals!

Dan here! The old server Resurgence PvP was put down after I lost intrest. I have been working on this project for a massive period of time and the custom spawn, ranks, and shop are ready for launch. Clans are back and better than ever. I hope you all will have a very good time, and continue to help grow and bring players to the server. Any suggestions can be posted on the website and on the server. Also please let me know if you would be intrested in a contest! So best wishes to all of you people. Enjoy and let minecraft be super fun!


P.S. This letter sucks 

New Map! Sorry....

PatriotDan a posted Jun 23, 16

Hey Guys!

With the 1.10 update, well it was small. Now however the server is experiencing lots of problems with block lag and other unusal high performance things. So unfortunatly we had to have map reset. The previous worl is up for grabs to transfer you items over, and if Dan can help he is there for any of you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Also soon to work on more perks for in game ranks, and add more items to the shop.

1.10 Update!

PatriotDan a posted Jun 12, 16

Hey Guys,

So the server has just updated to 1.10! We may have some problems, but if any please tell me in the comments below. Hop eyou guys enjoy the new polar bears, and other stuff. Also we will be refering to Polar Bears as Pandas.

lcscswimteam1   created a new thread Hacker on PatriotMC in the General Discussion forum
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lcscswimteam1So I just recently purchased Senator rank, and now I have no in-game access to commands or anything
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lcscswimteam1   created a new thread Winners of The Free Lottery Announcement in the General Discussion forum
lcscswimteam1Hello, this is November 1st, and that means the winners of my free lottery are going to be announced. I have mailed every single one of the winners in-game, so make sure to check your mail. If you are a winner, make sure to mail me in-game when you are available to meet up on the server so you can claim your reward. If you do not claim your reward in 1 week from today, November 1st, you will not get your reward (unless you mail me and tell me that you will not be able to claim your reward in 1 week, and tell me when you are available to receive your prize). Thank you for participating in my free lottery event. Obviously but unfortunately, not everyone got the chance to win. There were 8 total players, and 3 of the random lucky players won. Here are the winners(remember that you will also be mailed in-game)

1st Place: changlim6578

2nd Place: clayton5

3rd Place: wildstyle01313

Congrats, I hope that you all had fun :d
lcscswimteam1Lotto drawing tommorow
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